About me

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog posts.  Someone once told me to start a blog to chronicle my experience when I made a move from Singapore to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  That was way back in 2009.  Fast forward, 2016, about 7 years later, I finally decided to sit down and ‘pen’ down my experience and thoughts on this blog.

Some quick information:

I graduated from Queensland Uni of Technology, Brisbane in Information Technology (Bachelor); majoring in Information Management.  (That was when I fell in love with librarianship).

While working in an academic institution in Singapore, I was sponsored by my employer to continue with my education – MSc, Masters program in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore (Information Studies).  I won’t forget those 2 years of slogging and working full-time; plus my twin girls were born around the same time I started my Masters.  So I became a dad, hubby and an employee all rolled into one 🙂

I have worked in various academic libraries in Singapore before making the leap to work in a newly established Graduate Research University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

My spare time revolves around spending quality time with my family, reading, traveling and blogging (my new found hobby).

Disclaimer:  All posts in this blog are reflections of my own thoughts, NOT of anyone or any organization.

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