ER&L 2016: Exploring UT and surroundings

I had the chance to walk around the sprawling campus of University of Texas, Austin Texas.  It was a Sunday and naturally, the whole campus was quiet.  Admired the majestic clock tower, the lawn and the greenery.  Some pics:

One of the things that caught my eye (below). Esp like the part on “Leadership:  The will to excel with integrity and the spirit that nothing is impossible.”  That can-do spirit’ gung-ho to me 🙂


I went over to the library (Perry Castaneda Library) and saw this that struck me.  Perhaps, this could be done in front of our library.  Come to think of it – may not be feasible due to the sweltering heat in summer.  Still, we can think of something similar that could link back power into the library 🙂   Solar is in abundance back in the Kingdom.  Benefit:  Cut down the consumption of electricity & save cost.

Here are some of the Halls.  Reminded me of the ones I saw in Duke University.

Guadalupe St, Austin, TX, USA.  Loved the wall graffiti.




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