ER&L 2016 Workshop: Altmetrics

Collected my ER&L 2016 Conference and Workshop pass at the AT&T Center; which was just a stone throw away from my hotel.  Met Sandy, one of the conference comm members.  Exchanged pleasantries and recalled my time during ER&L 2015; which was freezing cold.  The weather now was perfect 🙂

My first workshop for the day “Understanding and Using Altmetrics for Collection Management: An Interactive Overview“.  Presenters: Robin Champieux and Stacy Konkiel. I’m a newbie to this area so I decided to get to know more what altmetrics mean and how it can affect electronic resources collection development.

Areas covered during the workshop:

  • Introduction to altmetrics
  • Altmetrics tools
  • Library’s use of altmetrics
  • How it can enhance collection development
  • Hands-on activities

Big 3 impact metrics:  Citations: Journal Impact Factor, h-index and Usage Statistics.   Some common sources of citations:  Scopus (Elsevier), Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) and Google Scholar.  As for usage stats: there is COUNTER.

(Notes from slides)

What’s Altmetrics:

  • Alternative, more immediate measure of attention (Complement source)
  • From non-traditional sources (Social media etc)
  • Provide a larger context

(Notes from slides)

How can Altmetrics help:

  • Feedback loop for self promotion
  • Evidence for tenure and promotion
  • Evidence for grant application and reporting

(Notes from slides)

Almetric Tools:

(Notes from slides)

Working in a new Graduate Research University in the Kingdom, I pondered upon some questions after the session:

  • How can altmetrics be used in collection development
  • how can almetrics complement the existing metrics
  • How do faculty members think about almetrics
  • What kind of altmetrics data that can help with collection development, exposure, highlight research
  • Importance of feedback from researchers, faculty members and students

Introduced to 2 new tools:

My thanks to Robin and Stacy for providing insights to Altmetrics

I did some research on articles related to Altmetrics, here’re some that I found:



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