When I got here …

This is a continuation from my previous blog:  Flashback: Time to leave home ….

My flight from Dubai – Jeddah was delayed by more than 2 hours (if I’m not mistaken) due to some technical issues.  I was too tired to roam around Dubai Airport.  On hindsight, I should have done that, given the variety of stores and food restaurants that are available.  All I did was to find a nice spot to land my butt and catch some sleep.

Dubai airportSource:  https://flic.kr/p/qBGu2z

[ the waiting ]Source:  https://flic.kr/p/7SUQMY
(One of them is NOT me)

RIMG0052Source:  https://flic.kr/p/7Z65dV

The flight took off from Dubai late in the evening, around 6pm or so.  Reached Jeddah airport some 3 hours later (sometime past 9pm). Went past immigration and baggage check.  Met up with the Uni Meet and Greet Team.  The rep gave me a temp ID and they brought me over to my Jeddah ‘residence’ – Crowne Plaza.  This was my place of stay for a few weeks before I moved into my permanent home in the University Town.

Loved the food in Crowne Plaza.  They really served excellent dishes and were generous in their servings.  Too generous even; I had to request for them to reduce the servings so as  not to waste the food.  Like to thank the University for providing me a great accommodation even though it was a temporary one.

This was the start of my adventure in the Kingdom.  Stay tune for more updates 🙂


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