The trouble with website(s) …

Head in Hands

I had a frustrating time trying to figure out what went wrong with a certain banking website.

I tried logging on using Firefox and it showed a message that the site was temporarily unavailable.  I assumed site maintenance as the error message was pretty vague.  After several unsuccessful attempts over 2 days, I decided to contact their call center.  The guy on the other line assured me that I should be able to access after 2 minutes.

So I gave it a long hour before I tried again. Still the same problem. Called the center again and this time the lady told me to switch to Internet Explorer Browser. Well, it worked BUT the minute I clicked on the button to do an online payment, the browser logged me out of the site.  **shaking head in disbelief.

Then I decided to try Chrome: Voila! It worked.  I gonne stick to Chrome for the time being.

Moral of the Story: Please be more explicit about the Error message.  You could have informed us to switch to another browser. Talk about user experience.


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