Study Visit: Technical Services, Duke University Libraries (USA) 2015

I spent a week of ‘attachment’ with the Tech Services at Duke Uni Libraries (Oct 2015).  (Thanks to my superiors for their approval).  Met a lot of wonderful people.  Thank you Beverly, Jacqui and Will for your kind hospitality.  It was a pleasure getting to know all of you as well as the other library staff.  (just too many to recall their names).

Stayed at this neat hotel:

It used to be a hospital once. Historical Information about the hotel:

The hotel was a 10 minute walk to the Library Technical Services offices.

The Library Office’s name: Smith Warehouse.  It used to be a tobacco warehouse but converted into offices. (Pictures Below).

Whenever I have the time, especially in the morning, I’ll scoot off to get some food at the cafe:


And best of all, they gave me a little office 🙂


During my one week attachment, I had the chance to learn more about Duke Libraries’ Tech Services handling of their electronic resources.  It was an eye-opener for me.  They have a huge collection of electronic resources.  How they are handling this is amazing.

One of my areas of interest:  Troubleshooting electronic resources.  Asked a lot of questions on the common e-resources problems, how they ‘triage’ the issues, main root causes and how to resolve them.  I got to know the systems that they are using, the procedures and so forth.

All in all, it was a worthwhile trip.

** By the way, while exploring the bookstore downtown, I saw this on the shelves:



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