ER&L 2016: The Journey to Austin, Texas

Flight Path:
Home to Airport: 4 hours before flight time
Jed – DXB: 3 hours flight time  (Lay-by 2 hours)
DXB – JFK: 14 hours flight time (Lay-by 4 hours)
JFK – AUS: 3 hours flight time (Destination)

I’ll leave you to do the math on how long I was on the trot ……

AUS: One really tired Electronic Resources Librarian

Arrived in Austin on 2 April after a long flight from Jeddah. The journey was smooth. Passing thru immigration at JFK, NY, was quick and the luggage came thru all the way to Austin.  Checked in at Hampton Inn, near Uni of Texas, Austin.


ER&L: Here I come … **Yawn** (Jet-lagged)


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