“Top Skills for Tomorrow’s Librarians”

Source:  Library Journal

Top Skills needed:

  • Advocacy/Politics
  • Collaboration
  • Communication/People Skills
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Data Analysis
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Technological Expertise

Source: http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2016/03/featured/top-skills-for-tomorrows-librarians-careers-2016/#_

In my humble opinion, communication plays a very important part especially when you are in a multicultural and international setting.  Sometimes, certain words or connotations mean differently in different culture.

On top of that, we also need to be aware of the communication nuances especially during meetings or one-to-one conversations.  I find it very useful to learn them (c0mmunication techniques and local culture) from the locals over here.  They are ever so willing to help you understand their culture.

Reading relevant books on this topic would also be beneficial.  My pick list:

  • Culture Shock! Saudi Arabia: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette by Peter North (Author), Harvey Trip (Author)
  • Saudi Arabia – Culture Smart!: the essential guide to customs & culture by Nicolas Buchele (Author)
  • Saudi Arabia Quick Guide for Expats by Jeremy D S Taylor (Author)

One of the things that resonates with me is this saying:

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”- Albert Einstein





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