Travels: A visit to Neil Armstrong’s university

IATUL 2010 presented me with an opportunity to visit the university where the first man who landed on the moon studied.  Being my first trip to the States, I was excited to check out what US of A was all about.  Took off from Jeddah; landed in Chicago; transited at Frankfurt.  Roadtrip from Chicago to Indiana.

Purdue University

Stayed at Hilton Garden Inn at Lafayette, which was close by to Purdue University where IATUL 2010 was held.  During the downtime, I took the time explore the university town which was pretty quiet.  Saw this interesting sign in one of the shops:

Cycling fun

Some other sights of the town:

Met some of the library directors who were there to attend IATUL 2010.

And not forgetting Purdue Uni shots which I took during the conference walk-abouts:


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