Tools of trade

Below is the list of tools (not exhaustive) which I find useful in my area of work. ¬†(Not the ones in the illustration ūüôā )


My favs are Evernote, Trello and MS Sharepoint

Why Evernote? Helps me in keeping track of outstanding e-resources issues – I can attach information ¬†to the notes in Evernote. ¬†These also serves as a knowledge-base for me whenever I’m resolving similar e-resources issues. ¬†¬†Another feature that I find useful is collecting information from various sources such as internet, email snippets, etc. ¬†On top of that, Evernote is also a tool that helps me collect and manage my information when I am planning for family activity such as vacations. ¬†I’d plonked useful information into a notebook in Evernote for future references.

Trello is another tool: Simplifying¬†project management. ¬†I’m still learning this and it’s fun. ¬†I ‘jot’ down all the tasks needed to be done for a particular project, tracking their progress, marking their completion dates and so forth.

MS Sharepoint:  I can create team worksites, document libraries, wiki and blog sites and even forum discussions.  I can share documents selectively, providing admin rights for certain staff and so forth.  There are loads of other features in Sharepoint.

What tools work for you? Appreciate your comments.