Joys of being a Librarian in a newly established Graduate Research University (KAUST)


  • Multinational, multicultural environment
  • Involved in various library initiatives / projects
  • Learning new resources and technology
  • Having a say in library policies
  • Opportunity to implement new methods / procedures
  • Imparting knowledge to newbies
  • Mentorship
  • Getting to know other cultures
  • Generous and kind hospitality of locals
  • Putting your skills to the test; stretching them at times
  • Satisfaction of helping people in obtaining the information that they need;
    seeing the smile on their faces
  • Demonstrating research methods to students and researchers
  • Attending overseas conferences / workshops, presenting papers and sharing of knowledge and ideas with fellow professionals
  • Publishing papers
  • Participate in community events such as “Parade of Nations”: Opportunity to see people dressed in their national costumes, taste ‘national food’
  • Perks

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