PokemonGo and Libraries

Pokémon GO

How did these 2 entities get along together? Beats me.  I searched on the web to check on libraries who have used PokemonGo to attract users (i think) to catch those Pokemon characters in the libraries.  Some libraries even have lib guides on them.  Take a look at these examples from:

It’s interesting to see people walking around in libraries with their mobile devices catching all those characters.  I’m not a fan or one of those hunters.  Really.  I don’t even know the Pokemon Go characters.  (My daughters have been trying to explain all those characters to me).

Others may shun this activity in the library especially when you have users studying for their final examinations or users ‘resting’ (sleeping) in the library.  Perhaps, this provides an opportunity (outreaching initiatives perhaps) to expose to our community on services and facilities in the library.

Whatever the reasons, it is interesting to see this ‘phenomenon’.  So if you find library users using mobile devices walking around in the library, they could be either looking for a book or Pokemon(s) or on social media ….






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