Presenting@Library conferences in Gulf region

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I read an interesting article on Presenting at your first conference by Michelle DeAizpurua.  It appeared on International Librarians Network.  In her article, she gave several pointers on presenting at conferences:

  • start small
  • go local
  • take every opportunity
  • Don’t assume you have nothing to share

It got me thinking about own experience presenting at library conferences in the gulf region.  I’ve presented at 2 Special Library Association Arabian Gulf Chapter (SLA-AGC) conferences so far: Muscat, Oman 2011 and Doha, Qatar 2014.  Both brought back many beautiful memories of the people I met as well as the picturesque natural beauties of the countries.  Below are the links to my papers:

I’d like to share a few things (with regards to the conference / presentation):

  • Come prepared and be ready to make adjustments
    I won’t dwell on how to give presentations but if you have emailed your presentation slides, do also come with file back-ups in USBs, dropbox or external hard disk – just in case.
  • Do not miss the conference exhibition.  It’s an opportunity to network with other vendors and publishers.
  • Check out the pre-conference workshops: I have attended several and obtained valuable information from attending them. (esp on license agreements).
  • Explore the chance to collaborate with fellow librarians in the Gulf Region.  There are interesting research topics to work on.
  • Take the time to visit the local libraries and speak with fellow librarians.  Note that this would take prior planning as you will need to contact the libraries first.  Getting the opportunity to visit the libraries would provide valuable information to see firsthand of how things are done and provide insights on the similarities or differences between libraries.
  • Snap pictures; lots of them. (but obey the photo-taking regulations in the country).

Muscat, Oman 2011

Muscat, Oman 2011


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