IFLA World Library and Information Congress, Wroclaw Poland 2017 & ACM Library Advisory Board meeting

I had the opportunity to attend IFLA conference from 19 – 25 August 2017 in Wroclaw Poland.  (Thanks to my Boss, Dr Vijay, KAUST Lib Director for approving my trip).  The event was held @ Centennial Hall, Wroclaw. Before attending this conference, I also had the privelege to sit in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Library Advisory Board meeting which was held @ SOFITEL WROCLAW OLD TOWN.

The opening session for IFLA was awesome.  The crowd was great.  The music, effects and performance were outstanding.  Forever etched in my mind.  Apart from that, there were several interesting presentations such as:

  •  Altmetrics: It’s Time to Take Action – Serials and Other Continuing Resources
  • Libraries: A Call to Action – IFLA President’s Session
  • IFLA Global Vision Discussion
  • Demonstrating the Contribution of Libraries to the UN 2030 Agenda

The poster sessions was good. There were numerous interesting posters that provided enlightening information from various libraries around the world:

Interesting sights of Wroclaw, Poland:

Visited  Wroclaw University of Science and Technology library.  Noted that the main library does not contain any print books.  Instead, they have lots of computers and discussion rooms for their academic community.  Most of their printed collections are kept in the Faculty libraries located in various buildings within the campus.  Another interesting fact: Games Room: where their students can play XBox 360.  I wanted to check it out but unfortunately the place was closed during the visit.



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