Thinking outside of the library: emotional intelligence for all

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognize and regulate emotions in ourselves and in others. The author presents the ideology that librarians can think out of the box, or library literature, and use EI to manage multiple situations with ingenuity and empathy.

Source: Thinking outside of the library: emotional intelligence for all


Get closer to “customer first” in seven days – OCLC article

“Over the past year or so, I’ve started to see new ‘customer experience’ job titles (like Chief Customer Experience Officer and Deputy Director of Customer Experience) pop up in libraries that have been present in the consumer space for some time. Makes sense. Having someone focus on how people use your products and services across …”

Source: Get closer to “customer first” in seven days

One of my fav topics: Customer Service and Serving our library community.

I am especially drawn to the point on mapping out user journeys.  Wouldn’t it be  interesting to know where our users like to congregate?  Perhaps, that they are using our group study rooms more than buying a cup of coffee at the library cafe? What about the quiet study areas – how often do our users go to this area during the examination periods?   How long are our users staying in the study carrels?  Do we need to revamp certain areas to suit the ever chaning needs of our demanding users? Sigh – the never ending list of questions ….

I am pencilling this as something to do in the near future.  It would be great to have some cognitive maps of our library users.  Here’s an interesting site by Prof Donna Lanclos: