Instagram: the new way to connect with students

After it became clear that Instagram was making gains in social media with their students, Saskatchewan Polytech began efforts to reinvigorate their dwindling Instagram presence as a way to further student engagement. Read how they have embraced trends and technologies to reach students where they socialize.

Source: Instagram: the new way to connect with students


Drones in my Library?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have drones who can ‘deliver’ print books to our users on campus?  And even program the drones to collect them (books) when the due date is up.  Perhaps, the drones can even double-up as ‘security’ to patrol the library and identify any shenanigans 🙂  Reminded me of Skynet and the Terminator movies.

Thinking along that line, I decided to Google for more information and found interesting sites on the same topic:

If this is implemented here,  it would be a major milestone in the history of the library.  Then again, what would become of librarians if more and more of such drones, gadgets and AI technology are introduced?  My guess is ….